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We understand the deadline pressure attorneys and legal staff are under and how they count on us to deliver on time, every time. We consistently meet their needs.



We are your number one partner to help translate your web content, be it blogs, social media posts, or even whole websites.



With a solid and diverse background in this field, we have experts with years of experience in all types of technical translations. This includes engineering, construction, transportation, energy, industry, technology, automatics, robotics, and IT.


Planning to share your research findings with the world? We will prepare a publication-quality manuscript for you. We guarantee that your journal will always accept your work without any re-editing needed.



 Your medical translations always delivered on time, within the agreed budget, and in full compliance with applicable regulatory requirements. From clinical trial protocols to investigative new drug applications to patents and promotional maters, you can rely on our long-term experience in translating all manner of medical and pharmaceutical texts.



Machine translation may be fine for understanding the gist of a communication, but when it comes to accuracy and reliability, you need a professional translation service provided by professional translators. Let your foreign partners see that difference. 




If you are looking for accurate, professional, and human-made translations, let Dialektikus+ take charge. With our headquarters in Switzerland and offices in New York, London, and Warsaw, we aim to serve clients all over the world, placing a special focus on translations between American or British English and European languages. 

In order for us to live up to our promise of an outstanding and dedicated service, we assign each translation job to a language professional who specializes in the relevant field. Having your documents translated correctly and accurately the first time by our in-house linguists will save your company time, money, and, most probably, its valuable reputation.

Superior quality language translation can only be achieved by professional translators with sound expertise, not by outsourcing to low-skilled freelancers, or to companies relying on translation software and machine translation technologies.

With almost 25 years of experience in the global provision of translation solutions to the most discerning of clients, we are ready to face any language challenge you may have for us. As a Swiss-based company, we have specifically reached out to our U.S. clients to provide them with legendary Swiss quality and secrecy. 



With German, French, Italian, and Romansh being its four national languages, English in all its forms and varieties being commonly spoken both in its streets and Alpine mountains, and one of the highest percentages of foreigners in Europe, Switzerland is a sort of language portal to the Old Continent.


Through our high-end translations, which you do not have to re-edit before sending them to print, we help U.S. clients conquer or re-explore this region with their products, services, and technology. Although English is a contemporary lingua franca, your end users living deep in the interiors of so many European countries remain, frankly speaking, rather traditional, waiting until you approach them in their national languages, which, at places, really abound.


If you want your documents and prints to impress your European partners, you have come to the right place. We will localize them for you at a fraction of our Swiss price to give you and your European business as much linguistic support as possible and, above all, our warm welcome. 




... and many, many more.






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